Family Gardens

Modern Family Garden

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Modern Family Garden Battersea London

This modern family garden was designed by our own in-house garden designer & landscape architect, Jack Wac. He cleverly combined a feeling of spaciousness with more intimate areas for relaxing and dining. The dining area easily seats 8 people as standard and the table can be easily extended to suit 10-12 guests.

Main access to the garden is from the fully glazed, lower ground floor 'living / kitchen' which is positioned at a lower level to the garden. A broad sweep of beautiful, wide stone steps leads you outwards and into the rear garden. The steps are also suitable for sitting on, especially when the client has informal gatherings and parties. Half way along the garden on the right hand side Jack included a garden seat nestled within the planting area. This created a lovely space for 'resting' and also for admiring the view back towards the house. At the rear of the garden three tall & elegant 'stone effect' fibre glass planters planted with smart box spheres create a strong visual element.

The materials used within the scheme were stylish, robust and cost effective. Machined sandstone supplied in modular sizes was used to create a stone pathway, border around the main lawn reaching to the rear of the garden. This removed the need for edging the grass manually and trimming the border of the lawn. The planting within the garden comprises evergreen shrubs and herbaceous perennials. The lovely fruit trees and several specimen tree ferns were existing and the clients requested that they be retained and incorporated within the new garden scheme. In the evening the garden takes on a new identity as cleverly positioned Hunza garden lighting adds beauty and glamour to the overall scheme.