Family Gardens

Contemporary Family Garden

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Contemporary Family Garden St Johns Wood

This project entailed complex and intensive works to create this inviting and relaxing outdoor space in St. John's Wood. The garden area had to be extensively cleared and excavated, with the lawn fully drained to improve the 'soggy' condition of the garden, as per client's request, to accommodate a formal lawn. We also built new retaining walls, installed paving, trellising, lighting and irrigation and constructed steps although the left-hand boundary wall was previously rebuilt by another contractor. A major work in the project was the installation of the living green wall creating a lush backdrop to the entire scheme.

The main entertainment space is a clean, bright stone terrace with Jura limestone paving, affording stunning views of the living green wall and the rest of the garden space. A more discreet rear patio provides a private and secluded seating area. The Jura limestone paving was delivered pre-sealed by the supplier.

The client requested a colourful planting scheme that offers year-round interest, texture and colour. The client was keenly involved in plant selection and accompanied our team to several nursery visits.

The centrepiece living green wall was installed with close involvement of the client in the design process, notably in the planting layout and plant selection. The client also provided sketches and the brief on which the final design was based. Garden design drawings and technical specifications, on the other hand, were drawn up by The Garden Builders as part of the overall project package.

Around 26 Hunza and LuxR premium light fittings provide the garden with interesting evening illumination, complete with layering effects. The comprehensive lighting system included spike spots, wall spotlights, step light and path lights installed throughout the garden. The entire system required four separate circuits.