Family Gardens

Child Friendly Garden

Designed by Alistair Howe Architects & constructed by The Garden Builders

Child Friendly Synthetic Lawn

The Garden Builders reworked this small London garden into a cheerful, child-friendly outdoor extension. Building on the original design of the house's architect, Garden Builders created a low-maintenance and colourful but well-balanced space for family relaxation.

An inspired use of limited space, the garden features a synthetic lawn surrounded by fully planted raised beds. The centrepiece slate terrace and hardwood -tree seat are bordered by a sunken dry-river effect bed which is connected to the dining area by a slab of slate. Contemporary garden design touches liven the space. A bright orange wall bounces off the deep browns of the seating and the cedar horizontal trellis.

This small London garden was originally designed by the Architect who designed the house, and adjusted by The Garden Builders in-line with the client's wants. It is a low-maintenance, contemporary, child-friendly and colourful space. The main surface is a synthetic lawn, surrounded by raised beds that are fully planted. A slab of slate acts as a bridge over the sunken dry river-effect bed, which leads onto a slate terrace and hardwood tree-seat. Colour and cedar horizontal trellis add a contemporary edge to this well-balanced garden.