Family Gardens

Beautiful Garden Putney

Designed by Anthony Paul & constructed by The Garden Builders

Beautiful Town Garden Putney

A beautiful town garden design incorporating numerous bespoke details that give it a charming, expressive character. Surfaces feature a variety of contrasting textures - black granite stone paving, hardwood steps and oak sleeper retaining walls. The focal point is a commanding circular lawn. A pathway of compacted gravel runs through to the rear garden, which served as children's play and trampoline area.

The front garden has a gravel driveway with gravel retention panels for surface stability. An imposing element is the automated bespoke gates in hard wood. The feature planters accentuate the space. The garden designer specified the planting, providing a variety of textural and colour effects as well as seasonal interest by mixing lush herbaceous planting. Hunza lighting was installed for dramatic evening lighting.