Family Gardens

Period Garden Wandsworth

Designed by Sarah Hammond & constructed by The Garden Builders

Period Property Wandsworth

A lovely, airy front garden, characterised by symmetry of hard and soft landscaping elements to best set off the elegance of the double-fronted period property. Classical proportions and high-quality finish underpin the design, with a view toward creating a low-maintenance, effort-free scheme. Care was given to preserving the integrity of the period property, with the existing tiling and railings retained and restored.

The rear garden was built from scratch. We removed all contents, excavated and levelled the ground and placed new foundations and sub-bases. The perimeter fencing featured painted, vertical softwood panels, a smart, understated backdrop for the planting. Baltic pine sleepers were used to build attractive raised beds densely packed with mixed planting. The ground-level planting beds, meanwhile, were provided a year-round interest by a combination of evergreen and perennial planting.

To provide a low-maintenance, child- and pet-friendly surface, an artificial lawn was laid in place of a natural one, compensated by the surrounding live planting. Sawn sandstone was utilised to give the stone terrace pathways a lovely cream-coloured finish. The pathways had a random course pattern and were intricately inset with gravel.

Pleached eleagnus was grafted onto a living rootstock above the height of the fence for additional evergreen screening. Sophisticated Hunza exterior garden lighting complemented the scheme in the evenings.