Family Gardens

Beautifully Designed Garden

Designed by Sarah Hammond & constructed by The Garden Builders

Beautifully Designed Garden

This beautifully designed garden was a total re-design of the entire front and rear spaces and included re structuring of the existing perimeters in conjunction with neighbours approval/requirements. The house had undergone total refurbishment and the only external useable space was the in- complete composite decking terrace immediately to the rear of the extension. Based on the design we were trusted to build the new terraces, adjust levels, construct boundaries and screens and complete all soft landscape elements under the close supervision of our uncompromising designer. 

Sawn Sandstone terrace and pathways were built, stone pre-sealed to help with weathering. Additional composite deck terraces and steps were built and a picture frame detail inserted into the existing decking to improve the finish. Beautifully crafted slatted timber screens were built as both stand alone screens and trellis detailing to the new boundary fencing. A green roof was e-installed onto the new extension roof and both natural and artificial lawns were implemented into the new garden, storage and a safe and interesting child's play area were key requirements to be discreetly included within the overall space, this was successfully achieved by a combination of great design and implementation. 

Screening trees such as the standard Ceanothus trees and pleached Magnolias were positioned to obscure surrounding properties, the Ceanothus is quite an undervalued/used plant and works very well in this situation. The planting generally was a subtle mix of evergreen and deciduous specimens interplanted around a perennial and low evergreen tapestry. We were also charged with constructing a cost effective for the front garden design, which became a combination of both functional (driveway/path and bin-store) and beautiful (planting and mix of hard landscape materials). This is a lovely soft yet structured design, excellent for SUDS conforming drainage and quite low maintenance.