Family Gardens

Summer Orchard Garden

Designed by Sarah Hammond & constructed by The Garden Builders

Summer Orchard Garden

Garden designer Sarah Hammond was commissioned by the client to complete the design for this summer orchard garden, following the house refurbishment, with the Garden Builders responsible for implementing the project. Post clean-up from the completed house refurbishment, we backfilled the lawn and planting beds for project completion.

The design was careful to preserve the integrity of the land, originally an ancient orchard. All the fruit trees were kept and we ensured the new perimeter beds had minimal impact, shaping them to the natural curves of the environment. A high grade, specialist natural lawn that can grow with 40% less natural-light requirement was laid close underneath the canopies of the fruit trees, with the grass directly underneath the trees allowed to thrive and flower to approximate the character of a summer orchard.

To afford access to both adults and children to the rear garden studio and trampoline area, sawn sandstone stepping stones were fitted on the lawn. An evergreen climber was replanted in the area to serve as living screen.