Beautiful Garden Design Ideas in South London

Garden Design in South London, beautiful ideas from garden designers

Posted: 10/05/2017 in Garden Design

To many Londoners, south of the Thames, or South London, stands for greener, family-friendly living and suburban tranquility, where country meets town in a way most city dwellers like best. Clapham, quite synonymous with 'south London', evokes vast greenery (Clapham Common) and prams, a leafy life of family fun on the edge of big-city bustle. The outer suburbs of South London - Balham, Surbiton, Richmond, Wimbledon as well as Dulwich, Wandsworth and Greenwich- are oases of calm and nature, steeped in village charm, affording more spacious, gracious dwellings.

South London homeowners, thankful for their good fortune, have taken up the gardening impulse with much gusto. Amidst the lush parklands and commons, residential gardens thrive, discrete pockets of bloom and green knitted within the acreages, offering spaces for relaxation, entertainment and family bonding for their owners.

Beautiful gardens, showcasing inspiring garden designs, abound, often realised with the help of an expert garden designer and landscaper, such as the Garden Builders. Indeed, South London gardens make inviting projects for London's leading designers, who enjoy many commissions in this sub-region of London. Many of them are designers who have worked closely with the Garden Builders, such as Lynne Marcus, Philip Wells and Shelley Hugh-Jones.

With sizes of gardens for London's outer boroughs, on anecdotal evidence, estimated to be 10 times larger than those in the inner-city boroughs, South London gardens help maintain biodiversity and provide an expressive canvas for good garden design. The London Wildlife Trust, in a much-cited 2011 report, placed the average front and back garden sizes for a London dwelling at over 180 square meters for Bromley, around 130 square meters for the Kingston-Upon-Thames area and Croydon, a little over 100 square meters for Greenwich, around 90 square meters for Richmond, and a little under 70 square meters for Merton. Town gardens for central London districts such as Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea are around 25 square meters per dwelling.

Designers have the scope and scale for creative landscapes and composition, with dedicated functional areas for relaxation, dining and entertainment and children's play, often a generous lawn area, and vibrant features such as ponds, pergolas and gazebos.
  • Elegant & Formal Garden
    Garden designed by Lynne Marcus.

    Large, formal gardens, for example, can combine elegant structure and symmetry, with vibrant planting. A beautiful, shabby-chic garden, designed by Lynne Marcus and constructed by the Garden Builders, attractively mixes classic and contemporary elements through modern finishing, the use of ornamental trees and the addition of a sunny summerhouse.
  • Modern Family Garden
    Garden designed by The Garden Builders.

    For families who prize their outdoor spaces as relaxation and activity zones, South London garden designs offer a wealth of ideas. Stylishly functional gardens that address all family needs create engaging spaces for time together. The Garden Builders cleverly combines spaciousness and intimacy in a family garden in Battersea by laying a sweep of steps connecting the front to the rear garden that double as seating for informal parties and including a garden seat in the planting area, carving out a small nook for rest and reflection.
  • Wimbeldon Family Garden
    Garden designed by The Garden Builders.

    Adults and children co-exist happily in a large garden in Wimbledon, where the Garden Builders designed and constructed a three-zone outdoors space consisting of a formal dining terrace with a built-in pizza oven, a lawn and a children's play area in the rear that likewise serves as storage area. The zones can be enjoyed together and separately by all family members.
  • Period Garden Wandsworth
    Garden designed by Sarah Hammond.

    South London has its fair share of period property, such as Victorian and inter-war terrace houses that are increasingly reworked for contemporary living, with beautiful gardens to match. The Garden Builders created a lovely front and rear garden for a double-fronted period property in Wandsworth, taking care to preserve the integrity of the period property. Classic proportions and high-quality finishing of the front garden complement the period façade while the rear garden features lively planting mixes and hardscaping elements to create a cheerful, inviting space for relaxation.
  • Family Garden Wandsworth
    Garden designed by Philip Wells.

    The spacious family garden in Wandsworth designed by Philip Wells and constructed by the Garden Builders combines a large natural lawn and an artificial putting green with contemporary elements such as raised planters and seating, an artist's studio, pergola and trellis for a sleek, modern, highly functional garden.
  • Stunning Contemporary Garden
    Garden designed by Shelley Hugh-Jones.

    Contemporary gardens in South London feature the best of modern design and living, resonating with stylish elements and functionality while maximising outdoors spaces. The sleek and sophisticated garden designed by Shelley Hugh-Jones and constructed by the Garden Builders, for example, features a wide concrete patio leading to a sandstone-paved lawn, with a dramatic, large cedar pergola punctuating the scheme.
  • Contemporary Small Garden
    Garden designed by The Garden Builders.

    A small, contemporary family garden in Clapham, meanwhile, consists of a perky entertainment area at the rear, with built-in seating and ample paved flooring, showing how small spaces can be transformed into multi-purpose outdoor rooms.
  • Small Garden Wimbledon
    Garden designed by The Garden Builders.

    Another small contemporary garden, in Wimbledon, designed and constructed by the Garden Builders, displayed rich tonal contrasts between the balau-decked flooring and the white rendered walls. A stunning water feature acts as a focal element.