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Posted: 17/04/2017 in Landscape Design

The Beauty of the Build

The best-laid plans come to naught without proper execution - a garden design poorly implemented is a waste of time, money and effort.

The importance of excellent garden construction cannot be overemphasised. A great design is only half the work done, building the garden itself -- to design, cost and time specification, not to mention customer satisfaction -- is the critical challenge.

A garden build is a project, and like all projects, should be well-managed, with every detail planned, controlled and coordinated, from beginning to completion. However, garden construction also requires specialist expertise. Good garden designers and architects understand the need for a landscape construction professional to interpret and produce their gardens. Good landscape contractors build the garden with due care to design specification, high standards of workmanship and project management.

Whether a homeowner gets a single company to undertake design services and garden construction ('design and build') or hires a landscape contractor, it is important to seek out several competencies from the contractor:
A good landscape contractor communicates clearly and frequently with both the designer and the client, often acting as the filter between the two, responsively bringing up field situations and issues to them as well as identifying all possible options, including pricing strategies.

Apart from being knowledgeable and reliable, a good landscape contractor will have the added advantage, over less skilful contractors or builders, of being up to date on the latest landscape construction methods and materials and even understand new thinking on planting mature, specimen trees and plants.

A good landscape contractor not only works to budget, but finds cost savings for the client. They effectively manage problems on-site, devising solutions themselves or help design down a drawing to address budget concerns at a tender stage. During the design stage, a designer often asks advice from an allied contractor how to reduce cost.

Benefits of Good Garden Construction

The impact of a well-constructed garden is immediate and produces great benefits for the client. Excellent garden construction is reflected in the high-quality, polished workmanship, finish and detailing that brings out the beauty of the design, increasing the value of the property. A garden constructed to the highest standards diligently uses quality materials that are both durable and attractive, creating pleasurable outdoors spaces to be enjoyed for years.

Good garden construction is also cost-effective. Quality materials can be sourced by knowledgeable and well-connected landscape contractors at the best prices. A landscape contractor who can expertly address field situations on their own likewise brings down costs.

Often, clients contract a local builder to cut down on cost during the tender stages of a project. When the local builder fails to interpret fully the design, any cost savings are nullified by the need to redo a poorly constructed scheme. (The Garden Builders often have been brought in to a project as the second contractor tasked to rectify poorly conceived and constructed elements).

By engaging a good contractor, a client will only have to pay once for his garden project. Good garden designers and architects suggest to the client the landscape construction specialists they work with to ensure proper interpretation of their garden design and scheme.

Design and Build or Build Only

A design and build arrangement has only one contractor assuming responsibilities for both project design and landscape construction. For many, this set-up is ideal, as it simplifies the communication and decision processes, with only a single point of contact for the entire garden project, thus improving project efficiency and scheduling. It also reduces cost for the client, with the fees for both design and construction bundled into the total cost. While some clients may hesitate to submit to a single outlook on the project, instead of getting the benefit of different perspectives, many more find that a design and build contractor reduces project risk, controls cost and lessens worries.

It is important, however, to choose a reputable design and build contractor who will provide a detailed, highly specified landscape plan, will not scrimp on or replace materials, or choose cheaper ones to lower project cost. A clearly specified design plan often means the contractor is knowledgeable and works solely for the client interest, instead of looking to make shortcuts for the sake of business.

As a design and build specialist, the Garden Builders understand 'design and build' as the effective combination of the two integral processes in creating the garden that pleases our client from day to day. We know the beauty of the build inside and out and, as such, our emphasis is on perfecting every detail and finish of all the elements of the build and planting.

Equally the Garden Builders also perform contractor only services, where we are engaged to interpret and build and plant to a designer's drawing or design. Again, we work to the highest standards of professional care and meticulously attend to every detail and finish required.

Advice for Homeowners

The decision to use a design and build company or get a separate contractor remains the client's preference and may be influenced by project scope or what is most apt for his concerns. Some advice, though, can be useful:

  • If using a designer, the client should ask them who they trust as contractor and take their advice on who to get a tender from to build the garden. Make sure to get a fully-itemised, like-for-like quotation.

  • When considering design and build, make sure the company is BALI- or APL-registered. Seek professional references and always ask for examples of their work, ideally of similarly-sized builds. 

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