Get your garden built before / after summer

Early bird special, Get your garden built before / after summer

Posted: 26/02/2015 in Garden Design

When it comes to getting a gorgeous garden ready for summer grazing, the early bird catches the worm, with a flourish. Forward planning and seasonal savvy are the two intangibles to garden bliss under the sizzling summer sun, separating perfect enjoyment from wistful longing. It may feel overbearing to rustle up gardening plans when it's cold and dreary and in the dead of winter, but there's no better time for your garden to look its best in summer.

All too often, owners call the Garden Builders in the middle of Spring/Summer, when we are already busy and committed. A garden built and planted in Autumn/Winter means you can luxuriate in the space by the feathery heat of June.

There is much merit in advanced preparation in any endeavour, but especially so in as meticulous and environment-sensitive undertaking as a garden project. Plants and turf dictate the best time to build and plant a garden, owners wanting fantastic, full-bloom vistas in a snap may need to manage expectations if site constraints prevail. And while planning a garden can be done all year round, planting is best carried out in autumn and in spring. (It can be done in winter, but is rarely advisable in the summer, even with irrigation). So having your garden designed around wintertime means it can be planted in spring and ready to rumble by summer.

There is likewise an added cost benefit to planting in autumn and spring. Bigger plants are supplied as a root-balled plant (sold with a ball of soil on the roots, covered by protective sacking), usually from October to April. Root-balled plants offer massive savings on container-grown plants, which are available year round but pricier. Combine rootball savings with the usually lower landscaping rates in winter, and there is a cost-effective case to be made for building and planting your garden before or after summer.

Forward planning yields psychic rewards. Contracting designers and landscapers during the quieter seasons will allow them greater focus on your garden project, resulting in more favourable outcomes and a garden that is built and planted to your heart's delight. Certainly, reclaiming your garden from the landscapers before the first drop of golden sun means you get maximum pleasure and recreation from your lovely, new garden.