Automatic Irrigation

Garden Planting Design Automatic Irrigation use in Garden Design Features

Posted: 03/12/2013 in Planting

Automatic irrigation systems are a fantastic addition to any garden scheme. Look after lawns and planting without lifting a finger. Set the timer and sit back!

Seasonal reminder!
It's wise to drain down your automatic irrigation system before the frosty weather sets in! Call for more information or assistance......

The Garden Builders sponsored a stand at this years' SGD (Society of Garden Designers) Annual Autumn Conference held at Imperial College 16th November, 2013.

Garden Designers and Landscape Architects were free to enquire about our comprehensive range of services on offer in the London and Home Counties areas and to discuss how we could best assist with their upcoming projects.

Spring Bulbs

If you do your preparation now then your 2014 spring garden could be alive with scent and vibrant colour!

Always buy your bulbs from a reputable supplier and don't buy bulbs that feel soft or damaged. Plant as soon as you can after purchasing. Plant out in your herbaceous borders and in pots. Good drainage and plenty of sunshine is important, as bulbs can rot whilst in the dormant stage, so plant out and fill in any gaps between perennials and shrubs.

Try mixing different varieties of spring bulbs within the garden for a scattered, naturalistic planting effect - the old method is to throw a handful of bulbs and plant them where they fall or try mass planting of single species to create defined blankets of rich colour and texture. Don't forget you can plant around the bases of trees or within lawns too.