Preserved Moss Walls

Preserved moss walls are real treated moss display inherent texture

Posted: 07/11/2013 in Green Walls

The Garden Builders were approached by a new, dynamic, young company in South Wales to produce a bespoke water feature for their new board room. Unfortunately, the water feature concept couldn't be realised as first hoped, due to the suitability of the location. However, with some inspiration from Dawn Latham of The Garden Builders, the clients 'think IFG' were persuaded instead to commission a beautiful bespoke 'Preserved Moss' artwork for their boardroom.

Formed by hand from a combination of pole moss, bun moss & reindeer moss and edged with a smart mirror polished stainless steel edge trim the feature artwork cleverly reflects the company's name & logo. The feature lettering is also formed from mirror polished stainless steel and filled with the contrasting colour moss material. The preserved moss is a dry & fully stable material that requires no watering!

There are various types of preserved moss available. Preserved moss is real moss that has been treated and preserved with a variety of natural ingredients including glycerine and colouring. The moss dies during the treatment process and is no longer growing. The preserved moss doesn't require any natural light or water to survive - unlike living moss. However, although dead the preserved moss retains a lovely, fresh, naturalistic appearance. The glycerine serves to replace the water in the cell structure of the moss retaining its inherent texture and beautiful tactile qualities. Only suited to interior placement, it shouldn't be placed in humid zones, very cold zones or in direct sunlight, where it could fade.

The preserved moss material can be cleverly and carefully manipulated in a variety of ways, even positioned within pre-formed shapes, outer frames or captured within lettering to create eye catching logo's, custom made artwork or signage - all suitable for display within residential interior schemes or for commercial ventures.

Alternatively if you wish to create a beautiful indoor vertical display..Voila! Preserved Moss Walls!