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How to change the plants on a green wall

Posted: 14/10/2013 in Green Walls

The green walls are living thing and on some occasions, the plants die due to the life cycle of the plants, diseases, lack of maintenance or wrong plant selection.

If you are on season experiencing dieback of plants on your green wall and you are wondering what is the best way to bring the wall back to life. Replacing dead plants with new ones is the best solution. This is fairly straightforward. Depending on the actual system of the green wall you can use only small plants, p9 or p6 pots. Bigger sizes tend to not fit in the planting pockets or slots designed to hold the plants. Not all nurseries sell pots in those sizes and you may need to go to a supplier that specialises in small sized plants.

When planting the new plants, remove the dead plant from its pocket and carefully slide in the bew plant making sure that there is no damage to the root. It is recommended to plant the plants with moist soil as it makes the plants easier to handle. This is because you are limited to the small pots and in effect, with the smaller plants you will have to wait for the plant to mature.

Green Walls

In some of the plants on your green wall are dead and the reason for that wasn’t lack of maintenance but the wrong plant selection or the location of the green wall. A good option to consider would be to find a more suitable replacement for the actual conditions or a new location for the green wall. There are many plants to choose from and an alternative plant can be easily found. In effect, the overall design of the green wall may need to be altered but an overall healthy appearance and performance of the wall is definitely the most important.

However, there are alternatives to a living wall and that’s an artificial living wall. Vistafolia’s artificial green walls panels seem to be the most popular. With it's UV and Fire Rated panels, it’s currently the only artificial living wall on the market that offers both. An artificial green wall would eliminate any need for maintenance (maybe the odd dusting down now and again).