Problems with Green Walls

Vertical space and environmental issues

Posted: 09/10/2013 in Green Walls

Green walls are really effective and spectacular, but they are also high maintenance and require attention on a regular basis, usually weekly or at times even daily. The most serious problem that can happen is the irrigation system fails If that happens, the issue has to be fixed immediately as lack of water will adversely affect the plants and they will soon struggle. The reason for the irrigation failing could be something really simple like the electronics fail. However, a more problematic issue would be an insufficient or fluctuating water pressure. This can prove to be quite difficult to overcome especially of the green wall operates on a standard irrigation system connected directly to the tap.

Some of the things to do in that instance would be to:

1. Check the exact pressure on the tap using a water pressure gauge

2. Inspect the pipe work checking for leaks and or pipe damage

3. ‘Flush the system’ by removing the end cap on the irrigation pipes

4. Check the non-return valves for debris that could of cumulated inside the valve

5. Split the system into smaller circuits

6. Carry out regular maintenance

Alternatively, there are similar products out there like a living wall and that’s an artificial living wall. Vistafolia’s artificial green walls panels seem to be the most popular. With it's UV and Fire Rated panels, it’s currently the only artificial living wall on the market that offers both. An artificial green wall would eliminate any need for maintenance (maybe the odd dusting down now and again).