The importance of Garden Design Drawings

Good Quality Garden Design Drawings

Posted: 20/09/2013 in Garden Design

Design drawings are essential and really important regardless the size of the project.

Importance of Garden Design Drawings

The more complex the project the more important good quality garden design drawings are. A good design drawing will include all required detail information for the client as well as the contractor to follow. It is preferable if the design drawings are prepared on CAD software like Vectorworks, AutoCAD or Sketchup. However some designers still draw the plans by hand. In case of CAD or hand drawn plans, the plans must be neat, in scale and easy to read. All elements on the plans should be itemised and labelled. It's also a good practice to support the main plan with technical specification drawings, cross section details and 3D visuals. 3D visuals speak of thousand words and are especially helpful for people that have problems with reading flat plans.

A good designer will consider all aspect of the project and will make the most of the space combining all existing elements of the garden with the client's brief and it will be presented in a neat and easy to read package regardless of the style of the garden.

It is definitely worth investing in good quality design drawings as it will only help achieve the garden you desire.