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Beautiful Garden Design Ideas in South London
GARDEN DESIGN Posted: 10/05/2017

Beautiful Garden Design Ideas in South London To many Londoners, south of the Thames, or South London, stands for greener, family-friendly living and suburban tranquility, where country meets town in a way most city dwellers like best. Clapham, quite synonymous with 'south London', evokes vast greenery (Clapham Common) and prams, a leafy life of family fun on the edge of big-city bustle. The outer suburbs of South London - Balham, Surbiton, ...

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Garden Construction
LANDSCAPE DESIGN Posted: 17/04/2017

Garden Construction The Beauty of the Build The best-laid plans come to naught without proper execution - a garden design poorly implemented is a waste of time, money and effort. The importance of excellent garden construction cannot be overemphasised. A great design is only half the work done, building the garden itself -- to design, cost and time specification, not to mention customer satisfaction -- is the...

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APL Awards 2017
GARDEN DESIGN Posted: 03/04/2017

APL Awards 2017 APL Awards 2017The Garden Builders is proud to announce the following awards at 2017 APL Awards Ceremony CATEGORY WINNERS 1. Project Value over £200,000 Project: Red Gables, designed by Lynne Marcus  2. Project Value £35,000 - £60,000 Project: Arthouse Apartments, designed by Pippa Martlew 3. Commercial Garden Project: Royal National T...

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7 Roof Terrace Ideas
GARDEN DESIGN Posted: 12/12/2016

7 Roof Terrace Ideas Roof terraces offer breathtaking views, and a rewarding recreation of outdoor space, especially for urban environments pressed for scope and greenery. A lovely rooftop retreat doubles as an outdoor room for relaxation and entertainment and increases property values on an existing area. Green benefits are plentiful as well - planting helps reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide, and c...

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How you can design stairs in your garden
LANDSCAPE DESIGN Posted: 09/12/2016

How you can design stairs in your garden Garden stairs connect areas and levels, but they are more than just access elements in your outdoors space. Decking design can heighten the visual impact of the scheme, create a focal point, suggest movement and offer changing views of the landscape. Some consider psychic dimensions - the act of ascending or descending can be meditative, encouraging pausing and slowness, the unfolding perspect...

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