Benefits Of Garden Design & Hiring A Garden Designer

Benefits Of Garden Design & Hiring A Garden Designer

Posted: 12/12/2022 in Garden Design

Although it may be winter now and being in the garden has most definitely not crossed your mind in a long while. However, garden design and build is a long, drawn out process that should be considered sooner rather than later in order to get the ball rolling for when you need your garden most.

1. Cost Effective Way Of Creating More Space

We won’t beat around the bush. Re-designing a garden and then building it whether it is a small garden idea or a large garden revamp; can be a very costly endeavour. However, it can be a cost effective way of re-using, re-designing or revamping an existing space that can be used a lot more often. Often a garden is overlooked during any renovations; or if that isn’t the case, it’s more often than not the last thing to tick off the list within a house renovation. Which is sometimes a shame as the garden actually covers a lot of square footage within a property. Making the garden an accessible area of the actually gives you another dimension to the house, offering up more space as well. The Garden Builders design and build outdoor spaces to do just that, creating bespoke designs that feature 3D visuals, planting & lighting plans and much more.

2. Adds Value to The Property

A beautiful garden design not only impacts those who live within the household but can also benefit you long term and on the property market. Beautification is the process of making visual improvements to a property or an urban area. Beautification actually helps landlords/homeowners become more successful on the property market has it helps to increase not only the price your property can be value estimated at but it can also increase the demand for your property from potential buyers.

3. Affect Our Wellbeing

Any garden, or engagement with gardening can improve a lot of mental benefits for us; but a beautiful garden design encourages us to engage with it a lot more. According to recent studies, engagement in gardens or gardening has seen both short and long term benefits on mental health, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and making us more positive overall. Therefore, a beautiful garden that motivates you to engage with it and immerse yourself within its proximity will actually help you in the longer term

4. Deserves as much love as the rest of the house

Similar to the points made in Chapter 1 & 2, the garden shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially as it plays such a big part in the presentation of the property but also taking up a lot of the square footage as well. The garden can be a great place to relax in the spring, summer & autumn months, whether that is hosting friends and family for a BBQ or finding solace for yourself whilst reading a book or enjoying the hum of the bees nearby.

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5. Designer Has Experience

Now that we have had a look at all those benefits that come with a new garden design & build; but what are the benefits of a garden designer and builder taking over the project? Of course, the leading garden designer and builder in London & Southern England will tell you that there are plenty of benefits of getting in the extra help; but I promise you there is. Firstly, we have plenty of experience with all sorts of designs, landscapes, problems, solutions and we believe that you would be far better off going with us, then anywhere else. Garden designers and have owners; whether praising us for our design work or bringing their respective garden designs to life, have seen us tackle every problem with have come across with relative ease and have created and designed award-winning gardens since our inception in 1997.

6. Creating a bespoke Garden Design

Our 5 Star Google Reviews, which share very honest reviews on our work are a testament to the work we do here at the Garden Builders. We have created a name for ourselves as the leading garden designer and builder in London & Southern England because of unique & bespoke garden designs that we have interpreted to the highest standards and presented a masterpiece. That is another benefit that a garden designer, like the Garden Builders, can offer. Unique garden designs that bring in customized characteristics that the garden feels like yours, as opposed to copied inspired designs from Pinterest or other designers.

Benefits of Garden Design & Hiring a Garden Designer

7. A Detailed, in depth plan for planting & lighting

The new garden that you are envisaging won’t come easily. Garden Designs are meticulous pieces of work that require a lot of attention and detail and the Garden Builders understand that. Therefore, when creating a garden design, The Garden Builders offer various design packages within our all-inclusive design and build approach (please enquire on the design packages that we offer). Within these design packages, we offer 3D Visuals of individual elements of the design but also of the whole project. 2D designs, with annotated points as to where elements will be located; plus also key and indicators of what the element is exactly.

8. Project Management

The great thing about hiring The Garden Builders is that everything is done for you. From start to finish, the project is handled with care. There is no need for communication with any other third parties for different variables such as outdoor lighting, planting, garden designs, construction. That would all be covered under the same all-inclusive package. Once you settle on a garden design that works for you, everything else is sorted by the same team and you can put your feet up. All problems are tackled with solutions by the team.

9. Using A Designer and Builder helps you keep costs lower & easier to manage

Similar to the problem solving of having the same project manager throughout; this process actually helps to keep costs low as the all-inclusive package remains a more affordable option. This means that all work is done under one roof. The estimation of costs is very accurate and is actually one of the selling points of The Garden Builders as even garden designers have left us great reviews with our accuracy of costs being why they continue to work with us.