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Garden Builders - Finding a Garden Designer

Posted: 30/11/2022 in Garden Design

What Is Garden Design

Garden design, as people may not be quite aware, can be a costly venture. Especially if you want it done right. Garden Design requires a lot of time and effort, considering multiple variables that can affect each individual garden. Battling the elements, time sensitive needs and much more need to be considered.

Garden design requires a lot of attention to detail and a lot of planning to make sure things are in place. Timing is also crucial when it comes to climate, soil, lighting etc. So finding a great garden designer can be pivotal to make sure that you get the garden design that you want because it is no easy feat. So be careful when the people you are dealing with are not thorough, that can be a warning sign.

Importance of Garden Design

A garden is often overlooked and most often than not, an afterthought. When we talk about home improvements; we often forget the outdoors because we aren’t completely immersed with it. We talk about the living areas as a priority and the garden is usually left out or is the last area of the property we think about improving. However, the importance of garden design cannot be underestimated. A brilliant garden design can have many positive effects on your property which will help you both in short and long term.

Firstly, a fantastic garden design that you can wander through can positively affect your mental health as studies have shown that just the presence foliage and flora can help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety; something that you want to have positively reinforced when you enter your home. Secondly, the garden makes up either half or the whole view of your garden depending on the size of the property and a beautifully crafted garden can actually help beautify the property. Beautifying the property can actually be beneficial for 2 reasons. On a monetary perspective, an outdoor space that stands out can increase the value of the property and secondly, it can help to generate more potential buyers should you wish to list the property on the market.

Lastly, the garden although as mentioned before can be overlooked, it is still a part of your property and still deserves the love and attention as the rest of your property receives. It makes up quite a large area of your property and even just to keep up with appearances, rejuvenating your outdoor space can really make a difference.

Garden Builders Finding a Garden Design Example Garden

What Makes a Good Garden Designer

A good garden designer can be hard to find, but thankfully as an award-winning garden designer and builders, The Garden Builders could be your best choice. That said, we also believe that we are the most qualified to talk about what characteristics to consider when looking for a great garden designer that can design your landscape.

The first thing to look out for when finding a garden designer is reviews. Garden design is a very client facing role and building rapport with clients is critical. That said, reading their reviews before initial contact can help manage your expectations of the designer but also help you judge whether you believe they are the ones for you. The Garden Builders have a 5* Google Review Ranking and are the best rated Garden Designers in the London and South East.

Secondly, whilst working with them, make sure that they are offering a clear line of communication. A poor designer will not offer you much insight, believing that they can just offer something and you just have to surrender your money over to them for the work they have done. However, a good designer will reach out to you, visit your property and give you a platform to express what you want to see within your own garden, maybe offering recommendations that will help compliment your requests and being as accommodating and flexible as possible. Remember, that this is your garden. Not theirs.

Lastly, garden design is no simple feat and you shouldn’t be led to thinking that it is. A good garden designer will offer various packages in design and build which you can choose from. They will give you options. The Garden Builders offer various garden design and build packages for you to choose from so that you can receive all the detailed designs that you want from 2D Digital CAD Drawings to 3D Visuals that can be brought to life on video.
Garden Design Finding a Garden Designer Plan Image

Garden Design Examples

The Garden Builders are known for their attention to detail and the quality, detail and accuracy of our garden designs confirm that. Below are a few of the designs we offer within our packages. Please note that the garden designs below vary from each package and are not all included. Please do ask when you enquire regarding the design and build of your garden.
Garden Builders Finding a Garden Designer Example Designs

Garden Builders Finding a Garden Designer Example Designs

Garden Builders Finding a Garden Designer Example Designs

Garden Builders Finding a Garden Designer Example Designs


Lighting is a key part of the garden design, but can be done separately. However, when both are implemented together, it can really help compliment the design work from the start. There are a variety of benefits that lighting can offer a garden. Like the benefits of garden design, well place and correct lighting embedded in the garden help to beautify the property, increasing the property value and increasing demand. Lighting can also help to increase a gardens accessibility. With great lighting means that the garden can be used at all times of the day, which is especially important during the warm summer evenings so that you can enjoy the weather for as long as possible. We put a lot of time and dedication towards our garden design, with the choice of planting and paving being finished with great care. Lighting therefore helps to illuminate these features within the garden and create a feeling of ambience.


Planting is what people perceive garden design as being as. Flower usually equals garden. However, garden design encompasses a lot more than that but planting can be a massive factor in the vibrant wash of colour and life that can be brought to the garden. Alongside both garden design and lighting plans, we offer planting plans as well that offer transparency and insight as to what we can plant within your outdoor space. The planting plans are carefully thought through, with each plant complimenting the next; whilst also being more versatile that just one seasons worth of plants. This leads to the whole garden being at least somewhat accompanied with colour throughout the year.

Garden Builders Finding a Garden Designer Example Plan


Alongside all the elements of garden design that we can offer such as the design itself, the planting and the lighting, we also offer award-winning garden building that has seen us win awards at the British Association Landscaping Industries, Society Of Garden Designs and The RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show. Most notably, our double gold award win in 2022. Offering a friendly, technically gifted and experienced team, The Garden Builders are professionals when it comes to interpreting garden designs and their attitude to achieve perfection is unmatched.


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