Posted: 15/11/2022 in November Garden Blog

Not a lot of fruit can be laid and planted down now as that ship has sailed (We will prompt you next time!) But, what you can grow is still exciting and will make your garden look full of colour and offer you that little bit of sweetness that just might be missing.

Blueberries: Although, these do prefer a more acidic sort of soil so please bear that in mind, otherwise you can always grow these initially from a pot so that you can accommodate for the acidic soil separately.

Gooseberries: Do you pronounce these as "Goose” or Gooz” berries? Always got teased at school for that one. These will offer colour and sweetness to your garden next season if you are able to plant some bare root gooseberry.

Blackberries and Raspberries. Again, a super tasty and colourful addition to any garden design but please remember to build a support system for these before planting otherwise they are not going to go very far.

Rhubarb! Ooh everyone loves a little bit of rhubarb. With some custard. Ok fine, I like Rhubarb and Custard sweets way too much. These require a lot of organic matter when planted as they are hungry feeders but make sure to prepare the soil well and get them planted as soon as possible otherwise you’ll most likely miss the cut-off date for it!