Posted: 15/11/2022 in November Garden Blog

Especially in a time where everything is just costing that little bit more now; deciding to grow your own vegetables may actually save you a little bit of money. Plus, it’s also a very gratifying thing when you see your own hard work blossom.

• Herbs will go a long way; and there are so easy to grow for beginners. That would be a good place to start. Start with Basil, Parsley & Dill and see how you get on.

• Autumn planting of shallots, onions and garlic

• Asparagus Crowns are best to be planted now. Especially in this day and age as they are an expensive crop which, if grown ourselves, can save a lot of money!

• It’s still not too late but you could look at growing some spring cabbage plants also. But don’t wait on these, you would have to plant them sooner rather than later.