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Posted: 15/11/2022 in Planting

It’s getting cold now (Booo!) but it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to your garden. As you will know, plants are seasonal, meaning that some thrive in different humidity, temperature etc. Plus, gardening is not always a spring activity. Although yes, it’s far more enjoyable to be in your garden when the suns out. However, setting the tone for your garden in autumn is key (Read our other blog on preparing your garden for autumn) as plants need time to bed themselves and to prepare for their showtime in the spring/summer.

The question is though, what can you do to you garden that will keep it healthy and prepare it for the next year? Those questions are answered in our previous blog on Autumn. However, here we will be talking about what you can plant now that will see the best results. So, let’s dive in.
  • Vegetables
    Especially in a time where everything is just costing that little bit more now; deciding to grow your own vegetables may actually save you a little bit of money. Plus, it’s also a very gratifying thing when you see your own hard work blossom.

    • Herbs will go a long way; and there are so easy to grow for beginners. That would be a good place to start. Start with Basil, Parsley & Dill and see how you get on.

    • Autumn planting of shallots, onions and garlic

    • Asparagus Crowns are best to be planted now. Especially in this day and age as they are an expensive crop which, if grown ourselves, can save a lot of money!

    • It’s still not too late but you could look at growing some spring cabbage plants also. But don’t wait on these, you would have to plant them sooner rather than later.
  • Greenhouses
    Perennials would be a great start for your garden in November. Although, preferably start them off in a Greenhouse to let them flourish before being exposed to the harsher outdoors. One’s to grow from seed that would look fantastic are:

    • Lupins
    • Laurentia,
    • Pacific Giants (delphinium hybridum)
    • Foxglove
    • Verbascum

    Other than Perennials, you can also look at sowing sweet pea seeds which can be grown in a greenhouse with an absence of heat.
  • Fruit
    Not a lot of fruit can be laid and planted down now as that ship has sailed (We will prompt you next time!) But, what you can grow is still exciting and will make your garden look full of colour and offer you that little bit of sweetness that just might be missing.

    Blueberries: Although, these do prefer a more acidic sort of soil so please bear that in mind, otherwise you can always grow these initially from a pot so that you can accommodate for the acidic soil separately.

    Gooseberries: Do you pronounce these as "Goose” or Gooz” berries? Always got teased at school for that one. These will offer colour and sweetness to your garden next season if you are able to plant some bare root gooseberry.

    Blackberries and Raspberries. Again, a super tasty and colourful addition to any garden design but please remember to build a support system for these before planting otherwise they are not going to go very far.

    Rhubarb! Ooh everyone loves a little bit of rhubarb. With some custard. Ok fine, I like Rhubarb and Custard sweets way too much. These require a lot of organic matter when planted as they are hungry feeders but make sure to prepare the soil well and get them planted as soon as possible otherwise you’ll most likely miss the cut-off date for it!
  • The Garden Builders
    Looking after your garden can be like looking after a pet or a child. They require a lot of attention all year round; but the end product is very much worth it. If you can get these planted in within the next couple of days/weeks, you’ll be onto a winner and you will hopefully save yourself some money too, especially with the asparagus.

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