4. Garden Designer, Windsor

Posted: 09/11/2022 in Small Garden Ideas

Here we go, A small garden idea, that was designed and built all in house by the Garden Builders here in Windsor. This can be categorised as a modern, contemporary garden that ticks all the boxes for low maintenance and convenience. The Vistafolia Artificial Living Wall Panels (Insert Link) that can found scaling the bespoke painted FSC Time are vibrant in colour yet need little to no maintenance to remain as bold, maybe requiring some occasional dusting. Therefore, the a considerable amount of this planting is cost-effective and still natural looking. Additionally, the planting scheme included 4 larger specimen trees that will help connect with the height of this garden, whilst adding seasonal interest throughout the year. Subtle splashes of colour were use to help increase the vibrancy of the lower level planting. Using geometric tiles, when photographed, they can be that air of symmetry as well.