2. Garden Designer, Balham

Posted: 09/11/2022 in Small Garden Ideas

One of our personal favourites, this small garden idea was a complete refurbishment of a lovely home in Balham, South London. A successful collaboration between The Garden Builders and the garden designer, Shelley-Hugh Jones, the homeowner and the kitchen/joinery studio specialist. The work included the removal of the entire existing garden to make way and facilitate the new small garden idea whilst protecting the expensive internal finishes and working around a busy, yet young family. In order to make sure that this garden was fit for the whole family; we provided a support structure for a bespoke play area.

This garden build also require the integration of infrastructure for the bespoke kitchen, which require electricity, access to the main water supply and waste water. In order for this to work, these had to be integrated perfectly for it to work with this bespoke kitchen