Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Design Ideas

Posted: 09/11/2022 in Garden Design

Although it is everyone’s dream (Well, at least most people) to have a large garden, a small garden can actually have a lot more positives than you may think. Smaller gardens can often be easier to manage and maintain, but everything that you wish to have in your garden can also be implemented far easier as well. A small flower bed in a smaller garden idea offers a bigger impact to the garden than that of a large, family garden. A smaller garden can be an afternoon’s amount of work as opposed to a whole weekend taken up just to tidy it up.

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  • 1. Garden Design, Clapham
    A very recent small garden idea that we designed by Lilly-Joan Richardson; a wonderful designer that works very closely with The Garden Builders. The small garden idea was then brilliantly interpreted by the Garden Builders and brought to life.

    Featuring in the heart of Clapham, London; this small garden idea brings together a contemporary feel that is embedded in a wash of vibrant colour. The project itself had no entrance through to the garden and therefore all the work had to go through the house, which the client has now admitted that they very happy with the consideration and manners of our staff when looking after their property. This garden is filled with all the amenities you need to entertain guests and for everday life. Packed with plenty of storage and this small garden idea comes with outdoor seating and cooking facilities to make it a great addition to any household.

    The neutral colours amongst the furniture and paving help bring out the vibrant colours of the planting that is dotted around
  • 2. Garden Designer, Balham
    One of our personal favourites, this small garden idea was a complete refurbishment of a lovely home in Balham, South London. A successful collaboration between The Garden Builders and the garden designer, Shelley-Hugh Jones, the homeowner and the kitchen/joinery studio specialist. The work included the removal of the entire existing garden to make way and facilitate the new small garden idea whilst protecting the expensive internal finishes and working around a busy, yet young family. In order to make sure that this garden was fit for the whole family; we provided a support structure for a bespoke play area.

    This garden build also require the integration of infrastructure for the bespoke kitchen, which require electricity, access to the main water supply and waste water. In order for this to work, these had to be integrated perfectly for it to work with this bespoke kitchen
  • 3. Garden Landscapes In London
    The third small garden idea on our list and they all seem, so far, to have a very similar theme. Breathtaking. Designed by Lilly-Joan Richardson, who you will remember designed the first garden on this list. Again, this garden follows a similar theme to the excellent gardens that have come before on this list as it features different zones with the garden, such as an outdoor seating area, storage area, the lawn and of course the BBQ area. This superb garden is then surround by lighting that helps to illuminate the climbers that scale the wall to help disguise the urban from the rural and creating further accessibility in this garden making it sought after in the summer months.
  • 4. Garden Designer, Windsor
    Here we go, A small garden idea, that was designed and built all in house by the Garden Builders here in Windsor. This can be categorised as a modern, contemporary garden that ticks all the boxes for low maintenance and convenience. The Vistafolia Artificial Living Wall Panels (Insert Link) that can found scaling the bespoke painted FSC Time are vibrant in colour yet need little to no maintenance to remain as bold, maybe requiring some occasional dusting. Therefore, the a considerable amount of this planting is cost-effective and still natural looking. Additionally, the planting scheme included 4 larger specimen trees that will help connect with the height of this garden, whilst adding seasonal interest throughout the year. Subtle splashes of colour were use to help increase the vibrancy of the lower level planting. Using geometric tiles, when photographed, they can be that air of symmetry as well.
  • 5. Garden Design, Belsize Park
    A new designer makes the list on our small garden ideas as John Davies Landscapes enter the frey. This garden features in Belsize Park, North London which shows more versatility in the Garden Builders as we can do projects from every corner of London and some projects further a field in the home counties. This small garden space was completely transformed into a stunning outdoor green room which adds more useable space to an existing home. The soft and hard landscaping compliment each other, with the paving and creating structure and providing continuity from the indoor space to the outdoors.

    The planting is used to distract from the urban jungle that is the City Of London. The presence of the natural life helps to calm and relax the client. The strategic lighting which includes floor lighting to help illuminate the garden creates a warm atmosphere when the sun goes down.
  • 6. Courtyard Garden Design
    This small garden idea is a courtyard garden design built by The Garden Builders and design by Henrietta Murray Wicks & Charlotte Harris. This was an elegant design that now compliments a new access route to the courtyard from the new decking positioned outside the kitchen. The warm coloured materials helps to balance the array of lush planting that surrounds this courtyard. The tree that lurks in the background was used as a natural parasol to shade the seating areas from the harsh sunlight in the summer months, allowing people to enjoy an extended sit down in the middle of this wonderful garden landscape.

    Again, because space in London can be a premium, this garden also incorporates storage which is hidden amongst its beauty.`

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  • 7. City Garden Design, London
    Another entry into our favourite small garden ideas is this beautiful design from one of our favourite designers, Maitanne Hunt who is a member of the society of Garden Designers. Again, the garden landscape was built by The Garden Builders; this garden is based in a prime London location and with this garden being hardly utilised; this was a great property to transform and offer them a new space to enjoy. With space being very limited in London; this added a whole new dimension to the property; afforded them more space in their own home. The focal point of this garden was the existing pear tree in the middle of the property, creating a sense of romanticism whilst still allowing the garden to be as usable as possible. Paving is made of large Yorkstone.
  • 8. Garden Designer, Guildford, Surrey
    Last but not least on this list is our good friend and amazing garden designer, Lynne Marcus. A board member of the Society Of Garden Designers and someone we have worked with extensively over many years. An urban oasis in the Guildford, on the borders of Surrey was built and planted by yours truly The Garden Builders. The garden is split into 3 distinctive areas, featuring luscious planting, well finished paving, a seating area that is embedded within the planting, and similarly a hot tube area that is also hidden away in this urban oasis.

    These are just a handful of small garden ideas that we have designed, built or both in recent years and we have a more extensive portfolio in our gallery. However, we want to hear from you if we can build your dream garden and put your garden ideas into action!