Top 8 Landscape Gardens

Garden Builders Top 8 Landscape Gardens

Posted: 09/11/2022 in Landscape Design

As 2022 is slowly coming to an end which means that 2023 is drawing closer. However, as the year ends for us; the environment for garden landscapes and planting is continuous and therefore you could say it was an ever-ending cycle. Each season is as important as the last for a variety of reasons such as a preparation, protection, or maintenance. Because of this, The Garden Builders understand the importance of getting it right and that is why we are the first choice when it comes to garden landscaping. Designers and home-owners come to us for contracting work, garden design, maintenance and after-care for gardens in the London area.
  • 1. Kensington
    This Kensington garden was designed by the society of garden designers member Maitanne Hunt; a designer that chooses to come back to The Garden Builders time and time again due to her proclaiming that we are the most reliable and up-front garden contractors that she has worked with. This garden was one of the latest projects that we have worked with Maitanne on; a roof terrace based in the heart of Kensington that features modern, crips materials accompanied with bold planting that features throughout. The lighting with this roof terrace design was buried amongst the lighting to increase the subtlety which increases the accessibility of the roof terrace, allowing it to be used 24/7.
  • 2. Petworth
    A garden that was shortlisted for BALI Landscape Awards 2020 and designed by the lovely Lynne Marcus; another notorious garden designer that is repeatedly impressed by the work that we have been doing for her over the many years. This stunning garden based in Sussex was built within the time frame and budget set by the homeowner and the garden design was implemented perfectly. A very sustainable garden build as a lot of the previous garden elements were recycled and repurposed therefore reducing the amount of imported materials. The transformation of this garden had eliminated the obstructions that reduce the ability to view the stunning surroundings and now the garden design had a clear view of the horizon.
  • 3. Chelsea Flower Show 2022
    One of two Gold Award Winning Gardens This Year at The RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show in association with Boodles and Garden Designer Thomas Hoblyn. We have worked with Thomas on a variety of small and award winning garden designs, namely the previous edition of the show, also picking up an award. However, in 2022 we went one better and picked up the Gold Award which is the highest entitlement you can win at the show. As you can see from the gallery, this garden landscape brings together some world class planting and a flowing river at the heart of it; surrounded by a clay wall. You can read more about this award-winning garden here.

    Impressed with the gardens on show here? View our ever-growing portfolio of Family Garden Landscapes here! Interested in getting more information on your next Garden Design? Give us a call, email or send an enquiry form in to speak to our design team for a free consultation!
  • 4. Elegant Family Garden
    Maitanne Hunt, the garden designer makes another appearance on this list; with another elegant family garden that is an example of soft and hard landscaping, accompanied by furniture that really does fit the design template very well. Situated in the heart of London, which you would not have guessed from the relaxing environment that this garden offers. The planting that has been embedded with the paving helps to soften the border between the hard and soft landscaping and offering soft tones throughout. The lighting within this garden design offers character and a complete transformation at night, illuminating all of the garden; creating accessibility at all hours of the day.
  • 5. Commercial Roof Terrace
    A commercial Roof Terrace Design that makes the list of our favourite gardens so far. A very different challenge as there were various stakeholders that we have to navigate passed in order to make sure that everyone was happy with the outcome. A Large, Commercial garden based in Central London; with great views of Southbank and The River Thames; designed and constructed by The Garden Builders. This roof terrace offers a communal space that can be used for a multitude of reasons such as outdoor meetings, functions, lunchbreaks, and other commercial activities.
  • 6. Chelsea Flower Show 2022
    The second Gold Award Winning Garden The Garden Builders were awarded for this fantastic build at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022. This garden helped bring together the true craftmanship of The Garden Builders as it perfectly encapsulates the definition of Hard and Soft Landscaping. Littered with a fantastic combination of plants that compliment the water features, the steel pavilion and each other flower bed perfectly. This garden, for us, was the most picturesque garden that can sum up the quality and professionalism of the garden builders as a landscape gardens for garden landscapes. Designed by Ruth Willmott, who delightfully sat down with us to talk about her experiences with us and sponsored by Morris & Co. The message that we interpreted from the garden design is to bring old designs and patterns to life using the newest methodologies.
  • 7. Oxshott Garden Design
    A garden landscape designed and built by The Garden Builders, this garden looks something out of a Miami Real Estate brochure so you’ll be surprised to know that this landscape garden is actually in Oxshott, Surrey. A Miami Oasis, if you will was the brief given to use by the homeowners and we think we duly delivered. The pool was an already existing feature of this garden, but working with Opulent Pools, they helped to modify the pool and help it fit in with the modern design that we had curated. Large palm trees were delicately planting, alongside decorative pots from Atelier Vierkant. Although this garden may seem as a adult only garden, The Garden Builders were able to accommodate the younger members of the family with a bespoke playhouse and a sunken trampoline which helped create the inclusivity within this Surrey Garden Design
  • 8. Chelsea Flower Show 2021
    Another Medal Winning Garden at the RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show designed by Thomas Hobyln and also in association with Boodles. This secret garden takes you on a journey and surrounds you as you venture through it. Featuring enchanting plants such a Rhus Typhina, Miscanthus sinensis and Verbena Hastata which offers a vibrant palette of muted greens and creams throughout this secret garden. Visit our Award-Winning Gardens tab to find out more on this award-winning garden landscape