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The Number One Award-Winning London Landscape Contractor

Posted: 11/08/2022 in Landscape Design

The Garden Builders are London’s number one landscape contractor* and remain as the garden designer’s contractor of choice. The Garden Builders are an award-winning landscape contractor, based in the heart of London; that offers a vast amount of versatility, knowledge, and experience in creating award-winning gardens. We have created a fantastic name for ourselves in the landscaping industry as a company with a great eye for detail, time management, working around problems, finding effective solutions and getting the job done to the highest of standards.

Becoming London’s landscape contractor has of course meant that to maintain the quality of work which can be seen on ‘Gardens’ tab on the homepage, we have had to make sure that the personnel that we hire are in line with our standards here at the Garden Builders. Our landscape contractor teams are armed with award-winning landscape managers, skilled craftsmen, degree educated surveyors, landscape architects and degree educated garden designers. As a London Landscape contractor, we pride ourselves on being able to work with any variety of designs, whether that is roof terraces, small gardens, family gardens or even commercial gardens. All these sized gardens have seen us recognised as an award-winning London landscape contractor.

*based on ratio of 5* reviews on Google. Garden Builders have 56 reviews, all are 5*.
  • Established in 1997
    The Garden Builders, established in 1997 have been London landscape contractors for over 24 years now, celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2023. The longevity of the tenure of our staff mean that you will always receive the best quality service from our award-winning teams in both hard and soft landscaping. Our experience stretches from a variety of gardens which means that you can count on us, whatever the project/design may be to fit the bill and to bring your designs to life. We have a vast portfolio of the work we have done over the years, and we are proud of it. Most noticeably, our builds and performance at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2022 saw us pick up 2 out of 2 Gold Awards giving us a huge 100% success, working with Ruth Willmott and Thomas Hoblyn. With all our gardens, we make sure that all work is overseen and inspected by our foreman, who also are in communication with the project managers to keep to.

    As a London landscape contractor, we understand that everyone is different. Designs are to people’s unique tastes, and we really understand that here, making sure we deliver the best in class. Therefore, we always want our goals to be aligned with yours. With great communication and updates on our work, we make sure that work we do is transparent and that it involves you from the start to the finish. As designers as well, we also can offer our professional expertise but ideally when building a garden, we want to share your vision and make sure it works for you. Talk to us about budgets, timeline and even design goals, we are more than happy to help, and our flexibility makes us in demand.
  • 5* reviews on Google
    Sometimes dealing with those in the landscaping industry can be difficult and the process can be a very stressful one; with both parties potentially becoming frustrated with one another. Landscaping isn’t a project that can be done in a day and therefore you’ll find a team will in and around your property for quite some time. However, here at the Garden Builders, we are the London landscape contractor that likes to offer something a little different. The team you will be dealing with are very friendly, putting your wants and needs at the top of their priority list. We are a very trustworthy bunch, and we make sure that we build a great rapport with our clients, designers and every third party we work with. We offer creativity, courtesy, and communication.

    We understand here at The Garden Builders that just because we can bring inspired gardens to life, sometimes time can be the ultimate enemy as these guys require care and maintenance throughout the year for them to look their best or to prepare them for when the plants and flowers blossom once again in the season (depending on the planting). There are of course new structures and living elements that you may not be familiar with or how to care for them to keep them looking vibrant. That is why, on request we do offer maintenance to your carefully crafted garden so that you aren’t left in the dark. Our foreman will also be more than happy to give you some tips and tricks when on site doing the build so that you too, can learn more about your own garden and how to make it tick.