Finding a Garden Designer

Finding a Garden Designer The Garden Builders London

Posted: 27/07/2022 in Garden Design

Great garden designers are hard to come by; well at least good ones are. There is always a hidden fee or the calculation of costs haven’t been brought into play. A low fee for a garden designer may seem like value for money, but sometimes it does pay to approach an honest, yet more expensive garden designer. In the grand scheme of things, your garden or even outdoor spaces take up a considerable amount of space within your home and are sometimes overlooked. You’ll be surprised on what a simple, neat & effective garden design can do to your home. Whether that is through planting, creating a vibrant and colourful atmosphere in either the front or the back of your home or even the hard landscaping that helps to frame your garden, we are renowned for our quality in getting that done to the best standards in London. Sometimes the best reference if you are looking for garden design can be that of friends or family, or even reviews for a certain garden designer/landscaper. Here at Garden Builders, we pride ourselves on our 5 Star Google Rating and the plethora of outstanding testimonials we have received for either garden design, building or even both. We take pride in the work we do and that’s why we don’t settle for less than the best.

Take your time in finding a garden designer as it remains a big decision and it’s evidently going to be costly venture for yourself. Finding the right designer for your garden design it’s crucial. Don’t take any chances and settle with "I guess that’s the best we could do”. Meet with your designer, convey what you want from your garden and hope that those conversations flourish so the designer knows exactly what you want and how best to capture your essence. Make sure that they have all their facts straight. Talk to other people who have either used them; read their reviews on Google. What does the internet have to say? Use the resources that you have to really understand what you want and how you are going to get it. However, you could come straight to us if you wanted.

Garden Builders are equipped with Award-Winning designers to help you through the process of re-imagining your garden and offer fantastic ideas that you can run with, take on board or even intertwine within your own ideas. We are as flexible as you would like us to be. The positives with going with The Garden Builders is that we will do everything from start to finish should you come to us for garden design because we too also specialise in garden building and contracting work. So, in theory; if you went with another garden designer, they would probably end up using us to execute their carefully thought out designs anyway!

In the long-run however, using Garden Builders to craft out and design your new garden would essentially save you a lot of time. This would mean all work would be done in house; requiring little of the work to be outsourced.

Finding a Garden Designer London

Over the course of the 25+ years we have been designing award winning gardens. We have found ourselves working on Family, Small, Roof Terrace, Contemporary, Commercial, Water and Award Winning Gardens. Feel free to check them out yourself and to browse the various gardens we have been working on. Remember, that finding a great quality garden designer can be the difference from having a show-stopping garden and having a garden you wish you could make further changes to. A great garden designer will have the resources and personnel at hand to make sire that you are well taken care of.

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